Over 20 Years of Experience

Tom has been delivering online keynotes, webinars, and events since 2001. From pre-recorded video to custom live workshops we have a full in-house studio and production capability for every online event. Whatever your budget, chances are we can work with you to create an engaging, entertaining, and insightful keynote.

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Delivered live via voice and/or video, Webinars are the most affordable option. However, with the use of our in-house studio and remote capabilities we can deliver high quality audio and live video.

Custom Pre-recorded Keynote Video

Want to add some specific content just for your audience? We can build a custom video just for your audience and event.

Live Workshop

Tom can deliver an interactive workshop with live video, allowing all participants to see each other, for up to 30 participants in geographically dispersed settings.

Pre-recorded Keynote Video

We have a library of existing keynotes that we you can private brand with your logo for a program.

Livestreamed Keynote

Tom can deliver a live video stream from our studios. You can select the setting from modern office to a book-line library. We can even use you logo and theme as a green screen backdrop.

Premium Production Capabilities

Our online video capabilities span the gambit from basic webinar to high-end sessions with an in studio audience. Using our own camera crew, in house editing and production capability, and Tom’s naturally engaging style we can create live or prerecorded video for your event that will wow your audience, provide you with a high quality long-term video asset for use on your private or public web portal. We use our 20 years of experience with online video to provide everything you need in a turn-key packaged solution.

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