Many presenters can be entertaining but Tom has the unique ability to entertain with the credibility of an Inc 500 CEO, the knowledge and insight of a 13-time author, the humor and charisma of someone who has spent the last 30 years in front of audiences across the globe

Highlighted Excerpts of Tom’s Keynotes

A short 7-minute real with highlights from Tom’s Keynotes

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A fast-paced 90 second overview of Tom presenting

Tom delivers a a full hour in-studio VIRTUAL keynote on innovation recorded for CUNA network of credit unions with over 100 million members.

Tom talks about how disruptive technology changes our behavior, our organizations, and the trajectory of the future.

Tom talks about Gen Z, who they are, what drives them and what they value, reverse mentoring, and non-intuitive way they look at failure.

Tom talks to 500 global manufacturing executives about the era of hyperconnectivity, infinite innovation, and the evolution of digital ecosystems.

Tom talks to 200 Chief Marketing Executives about the advent of AI, our digital selves, and the changing role of human/AI collaboration.

Tom on Gen Z and how the future isn’t about technology as much as it’s about behavior.

Tom talks to 2000 insurance executives about a world with more computers than grains of sand, an upside-down population pyramid, and ever-increasing uncertainty.

3-days, 3-cities, in 3 minutes! Buckle up and join Tom for three jam-packed days on the road!

Tom on building a lens to see the future and why many times just surviving the future is good enough!
Tom delivers a keynote on the future to Microsoft’s engineers. Few people have the ability and authority to present to a range of audiences from CEOs to engineers.