“That was the best presentation I’ve ever heard – including all of the TED talks I’ve been to.”

– Steve Wozniak, co-founder Apple

“I did want to let you know that the feedback has been extremely positive for your keynote presentation, from our internal staff, our partners and, most importantly, our customers.  In particular, our team was extremely pleased with how well your presentation aligned and reinforced our key messages–so thank you for taking the time to engage our development team and understand our positioning and plans.  I can’t tell you how many times your insights now permeate all our conversations—from decorating our boxes to the importance of “connections” and more—great stuff!”

– Lynda Newell, Invensys Director, Business Development

“In contrast to other keynote speakers, your willingness to engage with us prior to our conference to insure that your keynote was relevant to our diverse audience of university faculty, students, non-university partners and rural community representatives was greatly appreciated.  The focus of our conference was on stepping beyond boundaries, dealing with the complexities faced in creating positive futures for rural people and places.   Your high energy keynote and interactive session on the rapidity of change and generational differences of engaging and working through complexities were relevant and well received by the audience, setting a great tone for the conference.  It was great working with you. Thanks.”

– Mark R. Gustafson PhD, Interim Director, University of Nebraska Rural Futures Institute

“Your talk was engaging and inspiring! The insight you offered encouraged and motivated our guests to preserver in their support of successful business operations which must be delivered in today’s environment.”

– Dennis Wisnosky, US Department of Defense Chief Technical Officer and Architect

“Thanks so much for participating in the Intel Marketing Summit. The event was quite successful due in large part to your involvement. I really appreciate the time and effort you put into your presentation.”

– Terry Scalzo, Marketing Excellence and Operations, Intel Corporation

“Tom is a very dynamic and engaging speaker who makes you think. His perspective on technology and innovation is compelling, particularly how the impact of technology is more about changing human behavior than the technology itself. He provided substantial food for thought to a diverse audience, and prompted some exciting discussion in the sessions that followed. I highly recommend him.”

– Rod Armstrong, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, AIM Institute

“Tom conducted a very engaging session for the Gartner CIO Leadership Forum attendees helping them consider new approaches to innovation – it is still a session they talk about to this day.”

– Dawn Gudelis Senior Director, Global Event Operations Gartner Executive Programs

“Tom Koulopoulos was the keynote speaker for our Annual Conference in October of 2010 and his phenomenal presentation has set a new standard for keynote speakers at any of our conferences going forward. Tom was extremely dedicated throughout the entire process – from preparing for his speech with three one-hour phone conversations with the Executive Director and Chairman of the Board, to understanding our particular organization’s purpose and the members’ needs with further conversation and research, to attending the reception the night before the conference in order to meet and interact with the audience, and last but not least, to the enthusiasm, humor, intelligence and motivation he brought to the stage! It was a pleasure to work with him and we should be so lucky to find someone with such caliber in the future – if only we could use the same keynote year after year!”

– Sarah Cavicchi, Executive Director, In-House Agency Forum

“Tom Koulopoulos of Delphi played a key role in the winning formulae. Not only did his keynote speech receive accolades, as evidenced by the attendee questionnaire, but in his key role as moderator for the two panels he adroitly provided much needed linkages in the diverse subject matter. Tom’s breadth of knowledge coupled with his podium panache are no doubt the reasons why he is one of North America’s most sought after speakers.”

– Pat Griffith, Director Business Processes and Information Division Hill & Knowlton Canada Ltd., Treasury Board of Canada

“It was indeed our distinct privilege to have Tom interact with our audience of 120 invited C-Suite executive guests from the some of the largest retailers and premier solution provider companies in the world . The Global Retail Marketing Executive Leadership is recognized as The gathering place for tremendous thought leadership and inspiration for company leaders in the future.

Tom’s provocative insight into how emerging technology will impact our industry and how leaders can better connect with their customers and employees for sustained growth, was one of the highlights of the Forum. Additionally, Tom moderated a stimulating conversation with retail CEOs about their glimpse of the future and then led all attendees in a fabulous discussion about finding pathways to success.

Tom engaged with the attendees well before his presentation and then joined us at dinner so that all attendees had the ability to be inspired by his breadth of knowledge and his passion for making us all better!”

– Stephanie Fischer, President & Chief Executive Officer, Global Retail Marketing Association

“Thank you Tom for a great closing keynote at our recent summit, your presentation was a perfect way for us to finish the event. The presentation was relevant, thought-provoking, inspiring and very entertaining. The audience feedback was outstanding. I hope to see you again at future Gartner events.”

– Shane O’Rourke, Director, Program Management, Gartner Events

“I cannot tell you how may of our attendees commented on how well you hit the mark in you observations. Your presentation made a huge impact on the attendees and, as our fist presentation of the day, set a great tone for the remainder of our program.”

– Pauline A. Seleski, Marketing Manager DoxSys, Inc

“On behalf of Microsoft, we appreciate you joining us on Monday June 6th and presenting at the largest engineering event at Microsoft. The talk was very well received and you had a great message that will continue to resonate with our engineering community.”

– Hazem Abolrous, Product Manager Microsoft

“Awesome job. Your message and timing was perfect and your presentation was their favorite.”

– Dave Bennett, VP Axway

“Tom Koulopoulos wowed our crowd of nearly 900 at the 2010 Georgia Technology Summit. Koulopoulos was our first speaker of the morning and his enthusiasm combined with his insightful remarks on innovation set the tone for the entire day. I would highly recommend him for anyone looking for a knowledgeable speaker. Finally, I would mention that some authors/speakers we have had in the past covered/pushed their latest book, Tom was refreshing change. He covered a lot of ground and was not selling.”

– Tino J. Mantella President, Technology Association of Georgia

“Another fabulous, thought-generating experience! I know it’s all about virtual now but seeing you in person outweighs any video or remote delivery. Had so many folks pull me aside to thank ILTA for bringing you back. Unplugged is the way of the future for sure. Thanks for making our conference that much more memorable by reprising your innovative views of current and future. Hope to see you again in ILTA’s future!”

– Maureen Babcock, ILTA 2010 Vice President and co-chair

“The OPC Foundation leveraged the services of Tom Koulopoulos to present at the recent OPC Foundation Technology Summit.   His presentation clearly resonated with the audience and provided an intuitive perspective on technology innovation,  and specifically was able to give an in-depth analysis on the myriad of innovations and applications of the technology from both a business and technical perspective.   I recommend leveraging Tom as the keynote speaker at any event to provide a clear introspective on technical innovations and is an excellent motivational speaker.   We successfully leverage Thomas participation as the closing keynote speaker;  he successfully was able to capture the highlights of the event and mold that information into his presentation.   I look forward to using Tom at future events that we choreograph.”

– Thomas J. Burke,  OPC Foundation President and Executive Director

“Tom spoke on 2 different occasions during the 2013 Partnerships in Clinical Trials conference – once in front of our senior-most  decision makers and the 2nd time in front of our core audience as our closing keynote presenter. Attendees raved about Tom in both sessions and we got wonderful feedback via our post-event surveys. From an organizational point of view, Tom was easy to work with, prepared, knowledgeable and went above and beyond in what we asked him to do! On behalf of the Institute of International research, I’d like to thank Tom for his dedication,  insights & flexibility and would highly recommend him to other organizations.”

– Marina Adamsky, Program Director, Institute for International Research

“I want to sincerely thank you for taking the time to join us on Monday and delivering an awesome presentation on Tuesday morning. Everyone who attended was inspired and elevated by your talk. You were the highlight of the event, and I am very appreciative.”

– Ron Dupler, CEO of GreenPages

“Your presentation was immensely engaging, entertaining, dynamic and thought provoking. We all came out in awe of the pace of change and the intoxicating and alluring nature of technological advances, and the impact it has on our culture and lifestyle. You certainly did an outstanding job in keeping the audience attentive and engaged. Many attendees reflected on your presentation and rated you as one of the top presenters in their experience.”

– Manuel A. Garcia, P. E. Associate Director Construction Industry Institute

“Tom Koulopoulos delivered the opening keynote for an HP Cloud Virtual Conference that took place in March 2010. We had a great experience working with Tom. He was flexible, insightful and an excellent presenter and we had very positive feedback on Tom’s keynote. Tom exceeded our expectations. In addition to his keynote, he agreed to be available to chat with our audience and he provided our attendees with a copy of his new eBook on Cloud which he completed ahead of schedule in order to have it available for the event.”

– Joanne McMenoman, Marketing Manager Hewlett Packard

“Tom’s delivery was fast-paced, engaging and entertaining, as he used a well-oiled combination of humor, industry research, pop culture references and video clips to illustrate his points and to challenge his audience. Most of all, Tom was approachable yet authoritative in his delivery, and was able to hammer home important points gleaned from his research and experience. As impressive as his actual presentation was, we were pleasantly struck by his determination to get to know his audience and the conference themes and objectives during pre-conference planning, and to tailor his presentation accordingly. All in all, it was a fabulous way to kick off our event.”

– Reg Sackmann, Policy Advisor Office of the Chief Information and Privacy Officer Ministry of Government Services

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